No N8,000 Aso Ebi, No IV For My Wedding-Comedienne, Princess


It has been reliably gathered from close
family sources to comedienne, Princess, that she has given a stern warning that whoever does not buy her N8,000 worth ‘aso-ebi’ should not get an IV for her May 8, wedding, nigeriafilms can authoritatively confirm that.

Sources close to her said Princess is very serious about it and has warned that the order should be obeyed to the letter.
“She is serious about it. You either buy her aso-ebi which sells for N8,000 and N6000 or you forget about getting an IV for the wedding,” one of the sources said.
Another source squealed to us that, “the order also extends to us, her friends. She’s also told her family members to comply with the directive.
It is not even the case of ‘you don’t get to eat ‘semo’ if you don’t wear the ankara’, it is now a case of ‘you don’t get…

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